Performance Contract


What you’re agreeing to if you are cast in this show:


Being in a stage production is the same as having a JOB for 10 weeks.  Benefits are many, as are the responsibilities and commitment. It is definitely a team sport where an absence hurts the rest of the team!  We have cast you in this show based on the assumption that you have given us all of your calendar conflicts and required absences from rehearsals.


Rehearsal schedule:  TBD for Monday through Friday evenings from 7-10:00 pm with one or two Saturdays, subject to cast conflicts in schedules. IF YOU ARE ON TIME, YOU ARE LATE.  Not everyone will be scheduled for every rehearsal until the last 2-3 weeks. NO ABSENCES WILL BE TOLERATED DURING DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK.   A detailed rehearsal schedule will be available within one week of read-through.  Show dates:  DEC 6-21*




  1. Each cast member is asked to pay $60 OR $100 PER FAMILY in show dues.  If you don’t have the money to pay dues, you will be required to sell at least $75 worth of program ads. This will cover administrative costs, scripts, 2 SHOW TICKETS and a souvenir t-shirt.  Please turn in your dues at the 1st read-thru which is currently scheduled for  Sunday, September 29. If you are planning to sell ads, we will need to hold a personal check from you until you do so.  Make checks payable to Fifth Row Center or use paypal on our website. Each cast member will also be awarded two complimentary tickets to the show. Final dress rehearsal will be open to 2 friends/family members per cast member.
  2. Actors are also expected to obtain their own costume, with Costume Mistress approval and help.   Costumes can come from thrift store, Halloween store or custom made.


Program ads:  If cast we will ask you to try to sell as many ads as you can.  The least expensive ad is $20.   Ask your friends, relatives and nearby businesses.

Please sign, tear off, and hand to Assistant  Director: _______________


“I have read and understood this information and agree to the rigorous demands of the rehearsal schedule and production process. I will comply with all deadlines.  I understand the financial obligations.

I also agree to help in any way possible, to be an encourager and not a complainer. I will also not try to direct the show or the actors unless asked to assist.”


____________________________________________     _______________

Signature                                                                              Date



(signature of parent if minor)